LABL SHIP is the perfect shipping software for businesses of all sizes. With a range of features that can help you streamline your shipping process. You can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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Top order management software at a highly competitive price – so not only will your stress levels thank us, but so will your bottom line. Enjoy needs-based pricing that grows with your company, and negotiated shipping rates exclusive to LABL customers.

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Save Time

You know how valuable time is. With our powerful features, LABL SHIP can save your business up to 20 hours of labor every week.

Imagine being able to process and fulfill orders in just a few clicks, without having to manually enter information or create shipping labels.

Automate your entire shipping process, from order processing to delivery.


Save Money

You’re always looking for ways to save money.

We offer rates that can help you save up to 89% off retail USPS, UPS or FEDEX.

Whether you’re a growing startup or shipping thousands of orders a day, we can help you save big on your shipping costs.

You’ll be able to ship your products at a fraction of the cost of traditional shipping methods.

All Your Orders, All in One Place

You know how overwhelming it can be to manage orders from multiple sales channels. You can easily manage all your orders in one place, saving you time.

With an easy-to-use database that allows you to import and export orders from multiple carts, You can view and edit your orders on a single clean, organized dashboard, making it easy to keep track of all your shipments.

Integrate All Your Stores

you’re likely managing multiple online stores across various platforms like Shopify, Amazon,Etc. And managing all those orders in different places can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

But with LABL SHIP, you can integrate all your online stores into one single dashboard, making it easy to manage all your online orders.

We have integrations that allows you to connect all your sales channels seamlessly.

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“Switching to LABL was the best decision we could’ve made for our customers’ purchase experience.”


DIME Beauty Co.

“LABL has been essential to our process. Our customers depend on their package protection, and we depend on their software.”


Roe Wellness

“Our company’s grown and we’ve added new products but, working with LABL, our efficiency’s only increased. They grow with us.”