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$0 /mo
<50 Labels
$29.99 /mo
<500 Labels
$59.99 /mo
<1500 Labels
$149.99 /mo
<3000 Labels

Need an Enterprise Plan?

LABL is made  to run large warehouses. Request a live demo with an Account Executive to learn more.

All Plans Include

Automation Rules

Save 10-20 hrs of processing time each week by creating automation rules that determine how specific orders are processed.

Batch Processing

Whether you batch orders by custom tags, product category, shipping city, or marketplace, batch processing can save you hours every day.

Bulk Editing

Say goodbye to editing similar orders one at a time Simply select all your orders and update all the fields on a single screen.

Cart Integrations

Connect with your favorite shopping cart and marketing places like Amazon, eBay, Jane, Shopify, and many more.

Global Search

LABL search is powerful. You can search by order id, custom name, address, tracking number, or any other field you have available.

Infinite Scroll

Need to batch process 500 orders but your other platform only shows 50 orders at a time? Time to move to LABL so you can see all your orders in one window.

Low Shipping Rates

There is absolutely no reason for you to pay retail shipping rates. LABL’s free account can give you up to a 70% discount, regardless of your volume.

Manual Add/Import

Don’t have an integration? Simply create a manual order on the fly or import a large list of orders within a few clicks.

Multiple Stores

Do you have multiple Shopify or eBay stores? Now you can manage all your orders and shipments in a single dashboard.

Rate Shop Carriers

Shop real-time rates from the best US carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.


Use LABL custom tags to trigger automation, create custom batches, or whatever way your creativity takes you.

Web Based

LABL is web-based so your team can use it whether they’re in the office, warehouse, or sipping a cola on the beach.