How Package Tracking Can Make Your Life Easier



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How Package Tracking Can Make Your Life Easier

Spend a few minutes browsing Amazon or Google Shopping, and you’ll come to one exciting- albeit daunting- conclusion: we are living at the peak of eCommerce ease and success. While there may still be technological advancements, we’ve created an almost dystopian ecosystem of seamless and effortless buyer-seller relationships. 

All this is to say that shopping online is easier than ever. Most successful eCommerce merchants offer a competitive suite of services and features to create a valuable and enjoyable purchase experience. Among this list are package protection; a user-friendly interface; ease of returning items; and, ever-increasing in importance, package tracking. 

What is package tracking?

The ability to track one’s package has become an essential component of a customer’s decision to make an online purchase. Companies that offer package tracking usually either partner with a major shipping carrier such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS, or create their own tracking interface. 

When customers receive an email confirmation of their purchase- from a seller that offers to track- they’ll receive a code unique to their transaction, also known as a tracking number. When entered into a tracking interface, the code allows the customer to keep tabs on the various checkpoints of the shipping journey. Some more advanced tracking interfaces even disclose the exact geographic location of the package at any point in time. 

Why offer package tracking?

A lack of a package tracking service has become a dealbreaker for eCommerce shoppers. In fact, a study conducted by 4over revealed that 29% of customers wouldn’t even make a purchase if they knew they couldn’t track it. It’s safe to say that most eCommerce merchants cannot afford to overlook one-third of their client base.

With such a high percentage of shoppers demanding a way to track their parcels, it’s essential to the survival of your eCommerce business to offer this service. Package tracking enables your customers to feel in control of their purchase, creating a relationship of real trust that will keep them coming back time and time again.

Elevate your purchase experience today

Offering package tracking is a small part of creating an incredible purchase experience. There are a variety of elements to building a world around your clients, but a user-friendly website and a trustworthy eCommerce platform are just the beginning. 

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