Label Refund Policy

Details about refunded labels and how they work

Cancel a label for a refund

If you need to cancel a shipment – whether it’s because your customer changed their mind or you made an error in processing – you can do so right from within your LABL account.

Postage misprints and unused mail pieces with SmartShyp, Inc. d/b/a LABL, a Delaware corporation, (“LABL”) addressed postage may be eligible for a reprint or a refund, subject to USPS rules. To reprint or refund your postage, please use the following procedures and deadlines.

IMPORTANT information about cancelling labels


In order to cancel a USPS label from LABL, it must have been purchased within the last 30 days and never scanned by the USPS.

Cancelling a USPS label will send an automatic refund request to LABL. When approved, your account balance will be refunded for the postage amount paid. LABL takes 14 to 20 business days to process refunds.


UPS does not support cancelling of UPS Mail Innovations shipments. If you decide not to ship the package, simply throw away the UPS Mail Innovations label. Labels that will not be used should be voided within 24 hours of processing the shipment.


FedEx has specific requirements for cancelling FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery labels from within LABL. These shipments must be cancelled on or before the Ship Date in order for the cancellation request to be successful. With FedEx Multi-box shipping, when one shipment needs to be cancelled within a group of shipments the entire group needs to be cancelled in order to get a refund for that shipment.


DHL Express does not support cancelling shipment labels.


The filing of false, fictitious, or fraudulent refund requests for the return of U.S. postage is punishable under the criminal laws of the United States. 18 U.S.C. §1001