The best Shipping Software To Ship With USPS

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Why Choose LABL?

Seamlessly connect your business with USPS services through our intuitive shipping software, ensuring smooth and efficient shipping operations.

 Keep your customers informed and enhance their experience with real-time USPS package tracking. Our software provides up-to-date tracking information, ensuring transparency and reliability.

 Take advantage of USPS shipping rates tailored to your specific needs. Our software analyzes various USPS options to help you find the most cost-effective solutions, saving you valuable resources.


Manage your orders efficiently with our integrated order management system. From order processing to fulfillment, our software simplifies the entire workflow, reducing errors and saving you time.

Taking Your USPS Shipping Experience to the Next Level

LABL goes beyond the basics to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking optimal USPS shipping performance. Elevate your shipping process and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Trust LABL to be your partner in unlocking the full potential of USPS services. 

Our USPS Shipping Calculator simplifies the process of estimating postage and calculating shipping costs. With real-time calculations based on USPS rates, it provides accurate results for domestic and international shipments.  Optimize your shipping operations with ease.

 USPS Cubic Pricing works and leverage its benefits to optimize your shipping costs. Discover the advantages of USPS Cubic Pricing, calculate your savings with our pricing calculator, and unlock opportunities for affordable shipping solutions. Streamline your shipping operations and maximize efficiency with USPS Cubic Pricing today.

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LABL has been essential to our process, our customers depend on their package protection and we depend on their shipping software

Kevin O'Connor


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Switching to LABL was the best decision we could’ve made for our customers’ purchase experience.

Vince Eupierre

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LABL's Shipping software has made our process 20x times faster. Thanks to this we have been able to grow other parts of our business.

Joana McKenna



Automation Rules

Save 10-20 hrs of processing time each week by creating automation rules that determine how specific orders are processed

Bulk Editing

Say goodbye to editing similar orders one at a time simply select all your orders and update all the fields on a single screen

Global Search

LABL search is powerful. You can search by order ID, Custom name, address, tracking number or any other field you have available

Batch processing

Whether you batch orders by custom tags, product category, shipping city, or marketplace, batch processing can save you hours everyday

Cart integrations

Connect with your favorite shopping cart and marketing places like Amazon, eBay, Jane, Shopify, and many more.

infinite scroll

Need to batch process 500 orders but your other platform only shows 50 orders at a time? Time to move to LABL so you can see all your orders in one window.

Are you ready to start shipping With LABL?