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A seamless shipping experience is vital to the success of your business. When your customer experiences issues in receiving your product, it spurs dissatisfaction, and you could likely lose their business. 

Don’t take chances with your customers and their experience. It’s far easier to retain the business you’ve earned than to obtain it anew. Let us show you how the shipping solution you’ve got now could be significantly better for you and your customers. 

Order Management

Your company’s order management software is your shipping hub, and it will make or break the entire process. It’s an absolute necessity that yours is cutting-edge and up-to-date. 

Most order management systems on the market will provide half, or most, of the service you need. Your order management software should automate, monitor, and ultimately take the stress out of shipping. Is yours? 

LABL SHIP provides a full suite of tools for managing and maintaining your company’s shipping. From creating your shipping labels to integrating all your platforms to getting the best possible rates, our order management software allows you to focus more on the best parts of running your business.

Package Protection

Today, most can say they’ve ordered something online. No matter the product, we’ve grown to count on the speed and accuracy of eCommerce shipping. There’s often little room for error, 

We know, however, as eCommerce professionals, that the product shipping journey has not been perfected. Any number of issues can prevent your customer from receiving the product they ordered, as they expected it. Damage in transit is all too common; human error en route amounts to the occasional lost package; and “porch pirates” are far too prevalent. Is there any way to recover the loss and rescue your connection with the affected customer?

Fortunately, there are a variety of package protection options out there, that can assist you- at some level- in mending these losses. Unfortunately, these solutions are often incomplete, expensive, or both. 

LABL PROTECT is a better solution for a variety of reasons. We repurchase your customers’ lost items, and with attachment rates at an average of 70%, you can offset your lost revenue and take the sting out of the setbacks. Make sure your package protection is doing just that- protecting your products and the customers that purchase them.

Shipment Tracking

How many of your customer service team’s precious hours are used, every day, to verify the location of your customers’ packages? Your customer-facing processes have the potential to create meaningful connections between your customers and your brand, but are, instead, doing the job of an automated tracking system

Package tracking is becoming increasingly expected by online shoppers. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they’re able to keep tabs on their package; in fact, nearly one-third won’t even complete a purchase if they find out they cannot track it. As such, offering package tracking has become vital to a stellar purchase experience.

LABL TRACK, in particular, allows your customers to feel in control of their packages, and you to be in control of their purchase experience. You’ll save hours of customer service calls spent locating a customer’s package; plus, our customizable interface will provide your customers with your brand’s signature look and feel.

Actionable Analytics

Success in business can be defined in a hundred ways. No matter your goals,  however, you need to define and analyze your results in order to succeed. There’s plenty of analytics software available but beware: you need a system that will tell you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it, and in a way that you can take immediate action.

Don’t settle for analytics software that gives you half the story. LABL ANALYTICS gives you real-time information to set innovative goals and secure tangible results. 

Processing Returns

Virtually no eCommerce seller or shopper is immune to the frustrations of handling returns. 

Return shipping is a costly hassle; customers are disappointed and disillusioned; and both funds and labor hours are spent undoing a previously successful purchase. Returns can be frustrating for everyone involved- but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

LABL Return mitigates the effects of returns. Not only do we facilitate the return, but ours is the only software that helps you to rescue the transaction. Our return interface asks the customer the reason for the return, offers similar products to find their perfect match, and offers a one-time coupon code to create the perfect purchasing opportunity.

There’s more: with LABL Return, you can allow your customer to dispose of the product themselves, saving you big on return shipping & handling and creating an even better purchase experience for the customer. 

You could be enjoying a much better shipping experience, and so could your customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade and make life much easier. 

LABL is the only Purchase Experience platform with a full suite of tools to make managing your orders and shipping processes simple, effective, and straightforward. Take the guesswork out of the eCommerce shipping process, and start using LABL as your order management software.

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